Last night we welcomed 12 players to our first SOCIAL AND BACK TO NETBALL training session. These sessions are for women aged over 18 who want to get fit and stay active, meet new people, play for fun whilst learning something new.

We are hosting these training sessions from 8:30-9:30pm every Thursday at Croydon High School. Last night was the first training session back after lockdown has begun to ease and we welcomed 151 players, including coaches, to training last night across the 4 hours! The club is very impressed by the turn out and all the players commitment to the game they love.

Our club chair Sara Palmer who is one of the original club founders and the real drive behind our club, said ‘after many years of running the club we are finally in a position to offer more ladies the chance to play netball! It’s such an exciting time for the club, finally reuniting with our existing members whilst also welcoming newcomers back to the sport in our new Social and Back to Netball section.

In the past we’ve lost women who are looking to get back into netball but are put off by our highly skilled members; now we’re finally able to offer this less serious outlet for those looking for fitness, friendship and fun!

I couldn’t believe the response we got to our flyer. In the first hour of it being launched I received 5 expressions of interest in joining! I really hope like the other sections of the club that B2N can grow and thrive too!

Here’s to a purple future for more women’.

Amy Rendle who is a lead coach in our club across all age groups said ‘our first B2N session was fantastic. We had 12 ladies, most of which hadn’t played since school. It’s amazing how it all came back to them. There was a lot of fun and laughter and at the end they were all saying how great it was and they’d see us next week. #spreadtheword’.

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