Code of Conduct

To help you and others in the Roundwood netball family have fun, feel safe and enjoy netball, you are expected to agree to the following standards of behaviour 

Our Code of Conduct is based on England Netball’s Sport Ethics: 


  • ENSURE you arrive on time, ready to play, correctly dressed, named water bottle, no jewellery and hair tied back
  • LISTEN to your coach and always try your best
  • REPSECT all coaches, coaching assistances and your peers
  • ASK questions, this will help you to learn and understand
  • LET your coach know if you don’t understand or find something difficult
  • ALWAYS play fairly and by the rules outlined by your coach
  • SHOW great sportsmanship at all times, win with pride, lose with dignity and grace
  • WELCOME all new members into the club, remember you were new once
  • ENCOURAGE your teammates at every opportunity
  • VALUE your teammates contributions by showing appreciation
  • BE a team player, TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE MORE
  • TAKE pride in your own and others’ achievements
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Have an “I can do it” approach
  • NEVER show aggressive behaviour, bully or be unfriendly to another member
  • UNDERSTAND differences between people and embrace those differences
  • THANK those who enable you to fulfil your potential and enjoy netball

I promise to abide by the Code of Conduct and promote them to others.

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