This month we are delighted to showcase Shannon in our monthly blog. Shannon has been with the club for 12 years and has been an integral part of the A team who have reached and remain in the Regional league. Shannon is well known for her enthusiasm and love of the sport, so please do read on and learn more about her.

How long have you been with RNC?
I joined Roundwood 12 years ago, when I was 17.

What is your favourite part of the club?
Aside from the fact that purple is my favourite colour, I just love the people. I have made friends for life at Roundwood – people I love spending time with on and off the court.

What made you take on your role?
I have played in the A team since joining the club and was part of the squad that got promoted from the Croydon league to the County league, and also the squad that got promoted from the County league to the Regional league, so felt “qualified” to take on the role of captain. I was honoured to have been chosen by my team mates to captain the squad for 2 seasons.

How long have you been doing the role?
This is my 2nd season captaining the A team.

How did you get into Netball?
I played at school.

How did you find RNC?
In Sixth Form via my coach (Cara McCartney – still my coach now!) advised that those in the first team should be playing for an external club. A family friend put me in contact with Sara Palmer and I trialled the following week.

What do you do beyond netball?
I work in travel (and travel a lot!), I love going to the cinema, doing pub quizzes, hanging out with friends and family, and I’m learning German in my spare time.

What would you say to encourage others to join any sports club?
There’s a great sense of community in the majority of sports clubs, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, especially if you’re new to the area or just looking to connect with people who have similar interests.

What’s your biggest RNC/Netball achievement?
I’d have to say when the A team won all four games in the playoffs to get promoted to the Regional League back in 2016. We were all absolutely buzzing – that memory will last forever. I’m proud of holding the “Most Sporting Player” trophy for the longest period of time (my team mates tease me saying that it’s because I spend too much time chatting to my opposition!). Also, I’ve won two shooting competitions whilst representing Roundwood at the Poly tournaments over the last few years.

What’s next for you at RNC?
I would absolutely love it if the A team could win Regional 2 next season and get promoted

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