At Roundwood we take pride in the diversity, fair treatment, and equal opportunities of all our members (see our Code of Conduct).

Recently, the impact of COVID-19 has highlighted greater inequalities, mental health, and accessibility challenges in society and in response to this, England Netball (EN) has further demonstrated their commitment to creating a culture of respect and inclusion for everyone by appointing Jennifer Thomas to focus on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). EN has also committed to developing a new EN 10-year Strategy with EDI embedded throughout.

This change has come at a really exciting time for us, with the move to our new home at Coombe Wood and expansion of the club to in excess of 200 members, we’ve taken the decision to focus on nurturing our culture to ensure it is and continues to be diverse, inclusive and accessible. In light of this, I am delighted to announce that Pareisse Wilson is our new Roundwood Inclusion and Access Officer, a champion, both on and off court.

“I’m really excited to take up this position, at such a time as this. As an ally to all members, no matter our identity/ies, I hope to use this position to champion our unique individual traits, raise awareness and promote allyship to England Netball’s commitment to the EDI agenda. Promoting inclusion requires every member’s involvement – without your contribution, there is no diversity of voice or experience, so please join in with events and requests for knowledge shares to make this truly reflective of the cause. Events and knowledge shares will be aligned to the EN three key EDI themes: Education, Celebration and Procedures. More information on this will follow in the near future!”

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