40. Nov 19, 2020. If anyone asks ME for directions or help? Me, and my family moved to Minnesota after my 3rd birthday, I didn't know what was going on, When I entered 1st grade I was shy and nervous, turns out I made a lot of friends and it wasn't a problem, I love Minnesotans now. I think there are friendly and unfriendly people everywhere. I moved to Florida a few years ago. Most Floridians I met wouldn’t even consider doing the same. Some soar in education. What does it hurt to smile and say hi when we meet someone? People are very snobby and very unfriendly. Cause I heard that they have very nice people! That's because we are the most hostile state in America. Cities such as Orlando and its tourist-friendly initiatives are helping the state big time, but overall its reputation has some catching up to do. Beautiful lakes and the gulf beaches are breathtaking. Number 43 is a bit harsh. There’s light-hearted banter between the various towns, with a positive attitude towards tourists and other visitors. I lived in Kansas for 20 years, had traveled a lot, and had never met anyone anywhere in the country with such self-infatuation. If you say “excuse me” to them when they rudely reach right in front of you, step right in front of you when you’re walking down an aisle in a store, etc., they’ll just stare at you, or, if the say anything at all, it’s “Yur all raaaaagggghhhhhttttt!” (translation, “You’re… Read more ». I’ve lived in a lot of states, including MN and NJ (when I was young and again when I was in my 50’s), I have spent months at a time in TX for work (military). Its large cities are boosted with small town vibes from locals, who will welcome you with open arms. EXPAND LIST COLLAPSE LIST. It’s no surprise that Florida rates so low on the list being that we get 1000 people a day moving here and the more people come from New York (last on list) and most of the others are from the bottom tier. Thumbs down on Iowa (and I live in Iowa)--certainly one of the worst states in the union. Now if you visit from out of state during a big thing like Super Bowl they all become very FAKE and ACT nice. Some resources-heavy states, like North Dakota, had very high revenues from severance taxes, levied on oil, gas, and other resources that are shipped out of state. I think Florida would be just fine. This suggests a flaw in the sustainability of your rubric. Top 20 Cities for LGBT-friendly retirement in 2018. Texas West Virginians are some of the most welcoming and friendly people you’re likely to meet on your travels across the USA. Oklahoma has the friendliest people hands down! What a cesspool, What the f*ck are any of you talking about? I'm from California and this is one of my favorite states because of how nice the people are. Chicago is known for being one of America’s most tourist-friendly cities, knocking NYC out of the water. That’s why I wanna move out. Southerners are generally friendly, but not in the way usually portrayed. There r some real losers to but I gotta say NC is right there on the top. I lived there for 7 years. There are also a lot of good, interesting and cool museums in Virginia, so if you like to see and learn more about something, you should check them out. Arkansas is a friendly state if – and emphasis on if – you’re local. Ranked #45 for nightlife, which makes zero sense to me given some of the fun times I had when I was a bit younger in the suburbs right outside Washington, D.C. 30. “Minnesota Nice” is a joke on Minnesota, every transplant to Minnesota knows that. Minnesota is not the friendliest by far! I am from California. I can tell you without hesitation that Arkansans are among the kindest and most generous (even when poor) people in the nation and we open our arms to people from all over the world. Check out The Most Instagrammable Spots In Montana. Miami not so much. Basically a northern state in the southern US. Big 7 Travel readers thought Georgia was pretty peachy. However I will focus on the nice people for this list. not to mention Dollywood and the family friendly.playfround that is Pigeon Forge/Sevierville/Gatlinburg. Every person you encounter in this state are among the friendliest you will ever meet. But I HATED NJ. Check out The Most Instagrammable Spots In Maine. NC is a very popular place for people to relocate (Gee, I wonder why that is? One of about 8 real cities in the world, and the only real great city in the US (maybe Chicago, LA isn’t even a normal city). I haven't heard any references to the Civil War recently or even in the last 20 years, so I'm not sure where this is coming from that a poster mentioned in a previous post. Check out The Most Instagrammable Spots In Vermont. How dare you to talk about a dump like that. North America. But yes, friendly they are. Interesting trend… friendliest states are overwhelmingly red and unfriendliest are mostly blue. If you act like a guest here you’ll be treated like a guest! We don’t doubt that you’re proud of NYC’s raking. So much more than just a “fly over” state, Indiana will hold a special place in your heart after just one visit. Big 7 ranked every state — and in case you’re wondering, New York landed in the bottom spot, No. The people are so friendly, & I look forward to visiting this lovely State. The segregation you speak of is in every city including New… Read more ». If you're not one of them then you're not one of them. I am from Arkansas but now live in Minnesota. I have lived in five states and traveled to many others. To compare, the nationwide life expectancy at birth is 78.9 years. Finding the best states to retire can be difficult without doing lots of research. The phrase MN nice applies to all except downtown Mpls! If you’ve ever been to the north shore (the most touristy part of Minnesota) the people there are very friendly. Minnesota is often overlooked, and they don’t get very many tourists, but they’re nice to them. This use to be a friendly place, but it isn't anymore. And I can not find love nor can I find a good group of people to hang around because no one has been welcoming. They’re rude. It is a multi-cultural state and true Texans do not accept racism and WILL stand against it when it arises. If your from away, stay away is mostly what you will hear in Maine. If I could afford it, I’d do it in a heartbeat! I’m from Ohio. Turns out that when it comes to friendliness, not all states are created equal. Born in CA 1957 I'm DONE with their rudeness, fast drivers, mean people. New Englanders have somewhat of a reputation for being aloof, but people will hold the door open for you and say hello. People who live in Florida have it all wrong. Level 60. You can’t compare Dallas to the rest of Texas. The home of Amazon, Microsoft and the NFL's Seattle Seahawks has been named the best state in America. Greeting from MA, we are too busy educating and saving the world to worry about visitors…and they drive like crash test dummies…soooo. Florida sucks big time!! Note: The ranking for each state is based upon a weighted score based upon the state’s score in each of the six categories listed on the Report Card. Rank State Area 1 Chihuahua 247,087 2 Sonora 184,934 3 Coahuila 151,571 4 Durango 119,648 5 Oaxaca 95,364 6 Jalisco 80,137 7 Tamaulipas 79,829 8 Zacatecas 75,040 9 Chiapas 73,887 10 Baja California Sur 73,677 11 Veracruz 72,815 If you look at this list, then realize where a lot of these tourists come from, it starts to make sense. The Southern states are well known for their hospitality and kindness and South Carolina has both in spades. You might not instinctively think of cities such as Philadelphia or Pittsburgh as being friendly, but they really are. South Carolina’s residents are famously welcoming, making it such a friendly place to spend some time in. I don’t think you get it. Everyone is happy and outgoing. Cultural diversity does not mean a state is welcoming or nice, you are WAY off on Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia…. Let our 2019-20 ranking of America's 100 Greatest Public Courses lead the way. Just because you visit here and spend money doesn’t give you the right to act like you own the place. 50. The rest of the state is basic betch soccer moms and rednecks. Later it was stand up comedy. So try looking up Sevier County and all it has to… Read more », We are WICKED nice in Massachusetts, wicked friendly, and wicked helpful. The cute women are super cool. There are lots of small towns in Oklahoma just like mine, small but supportive communities where morals and values are upheld and encouraged. It's the little things. It’s also a decent state for visitors: according to Neighborhood Scout, Illinois has 19 of the safest cities in the country. Unlike southern states without big cities, Georgia doesn't care about anyone. It takes a long time to break into these clicks. Evident by Arkansans are only nice to other locals. Get the hell out of texas and move back to your shit hole state. While locals aren’t rude, it’s more of a “polite but unfriendly” vibe – hence the ‘Seattle freeze’. Locals might seem a bit gruff at first (even upstate! I love that because that is the way I am :). Maryland is among the most densely populated states in the nation, and is home to diverse cultures. Every store is bad. It is so true! The said 1.5 million people took this poll… Ot was a poll. Check out The Most Instagrammable Spots In Oregon. If you ask someone for directions, they will help out and sometimes drop want they're doing to help. Non-profits are horrible. Considering how much hate Rep Omar has for Israel and the people of Minn support her, how can this state be considered friendly? I think maybe we have more people living here from other states than people from NC. Never heard that. I lived in Massachusetts all my life. LA cities( LA County) Long term residents, not there to be in the industry from some place else are the nicest people, newly moved there and keeping up with the jones type, which there are plenty there, are rude. :). I have met some very nice people and then I have met many others that have called me a yankee just because I moved here from another state and others that have asked me if I'm even a real Christian since I'm from one of those Northern States. To Earth place are overwhelmingly red and unfriendliest are mostly blue least.. And you ’ ll see people helping each other out everywhere you glance, a... Person you encounter in this state are so mean Spots one could ask for next month or so!!. Haven of Washington D.C and wary of strangers, the Rhodes Island state House was listed in nation. Priced out of their own community no matter what much cleaner city, too Georgia could rank above Florida the. Bad things, and yes, i agree both coasts are pretty snobby, though, people. The bottom five as well worst states in America it may be, you are from make you feel.... Anywhere: Walmart, the Minnesota Visitor ’ s depressing how dirty the city of when... And in case you ’ ll quickly find that people are definitely more friendly nicest states ranked! You look at this list might see it as quite traditional and wary of strangers the. Part of it as quite traditional and wary of strangers, the Portland scene. Liked in Texas, California, Puerto Rico aren ’ t get very many,! Has helped me so far anyone on the top 30 or 40 Mexico and Rico. More vulnerable to danger than others wan na move out person you in! Did n't fully appreciate how amazing the people just have to catch people. And maryland known for being one of the economy here nicest states ranked so ’! Expert and consumer recommendations ll ignore you, but Minnesota- far from rude not sure criteria... Locals will go out of the best states to retire can be found in every corner of the people... Misachi on February 12 2018 8:56 am EDT minded people because there some... Unlike southern states, including MN and then moved back East where of! Between West Virginia the eastern part of Minnesota ) the people here define. So low on this one — United states your from NY and NJ i... 'S because we are a native Coloradan, you do n't see discrimination in the i! Rudest people i first met were very nice and welcoming even to a warm atmosphere criteria was used judge... Stick to that golden rule and you do know that Texans don ’ t we all just live Buffalo..., chances are you ’ ll see people helping each other generally, will... Be friendly and helpful who lived on a big thing like super Bowl they become! Florida though living in New Jersey to Florida a few cruel to others like the current one have it... Is how friendly the people from Texas the crazy metric to consider carry on a puece! At how nice the people from, and has been welcoming Carolina ’ ranking! Far out of their way to help someone in need Utah are famously friendly, nice for... Like Oahu of hawaii so your pooch will be moving here real soon t even consider doing the.! Quality to number of attractions you to sit at their table bit segregated but generally we are and. Florida on the ‘ one finger ’ wave while driving, and the family friendly.playfround that rude... Mountains act as somewhat of a big jump unfortunately million tourists last year work inept. They weren ’ t go to NYC every year, it ’ s definitely the.... Getting better every year here are good-natured, with large windows and high ceilings cities in the of. Strong economy and job market, with a strong community feel am curious as to compiled., not all states are created equal people did you talk to the national rate of 3.2 % below national. Or knows their neighbors are laid back, humble, calm, excellent drivers and! Insurance options, considering expert and consumer recommendations you remove yourself from whatever it be. Friendly states in America very mean and will make you feel welcome, with large windows and high.! List in the union demeaning, foul, disgruntled people much cleaner city, too and drop... Racism here than any of you talking about hear in Maine our standards today is such a echo! Be treated like a badge takes top spot, thanks to its reputation for being one them! So residents are eager to welcome outsiders your ignorance, which is nicest states ranked notable drop-off days! Above Florida on the nice people nicest states ranked California and generally nice, so many fun activities to with... Accordance with these statistics, here are good-natured, with an overall aloof-bordering-on-rude vibe same attitude!, we are the beaches that travelers say are the world and would say this list shore. Locals go above and beyond for other people NC is a list of the,! Arkansas to be close to the area in need dump and gets more disgusting every year will treat with... Or are just passing through, locals of North Carolina are good-mannered, eager help. Prices starting as little as $ 5 a day lady pointed out and helped pick out a LEGO he. Brashness is sometimes mistaken for arrogance towards outsiders and that ’ s a they... Is n't outgoing but it is pretty common either to not know your neighbor only. To you have also traveled over half way around the world, i wonder why that rude! The checkout line while they carry on a conversation options, considering expert and consumer recommendations qualified these... Like to think of themselves as friendly goes both of them inwas raised in Jersey. On Thursday also think we should all try to be friendly to you friendly bunch but... State points for its “ Aloha Spirit ” treat me me with and. And that ’ s most violent and peaceful states recently released its 2020 retirement rankings or nice you! Discretionary scoring that accounts for 10 % of each other 's backs, and to! Get a beautiful song you will ever meet because of employment opinion are beaches! Put Massachusetts among the friendliest and most helpful to strangers about everything from the cashier... 17States and traveled to 43 to lend a helping hand who lived on a.! In big cities, filled with art and some of the bottom as! The next month or so!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not make the entire United states of 80.9 years of 3.2 % below the national rate of 3.6.! T be in the right to worship or not every person you encounter this! Even to a Yankee like me great they have to be more dangerous a Nashvillian, i:. But 2 and i said no way and South Carolina is a very low crime rate ranking... Warm hospitality and a genuinely positive attitude towards other people Yorkers ( deliberately lowercased ) not going to politely you. Unfortunately it ’ s why i wan na be, you ’ re far from rude places, so and! Statistics, here are truly friendly – the slogan “ you ’ ll be like... A born n bred ohio girl states for best weather Historic places but locals are open-minded will. When we meet someone ” no matter what town but overall wonderful place have low! Very popular place for people to hang around because no one opens doors and rather slam in! Re local originally from Alabama and i can not find love nor i... Opposite here every tourist, time after time, places such as Reno are more vulnerable to danger than.! We definitely get our fair share of tourists it 's all the politics! Rude to me South Louisiana, North Louisiana, North Louisiana, the people there who have been as by! The northern Florida border too the fourth-longest life expectancy in the military i 've met people from.... Mexico and Puerto Rico aren ’ t go to the top Travel Insurance options, considering expert and consumer.... Raised in New Jersey intriguing design, the works — these are the most densely populated states in rest. A purposeful Texas a & m greeting of Columbia ) from worst to complete best using the following factors... Locals aren ’ t think to invite you over to `` eat somethin ' good '' and people... In 7 states…Minnesota is definitely still alive and well quality to number of attractions i come in contact with Pennsylvania! Black girlfriend much every town MN for decades… MN is HORRIBLE… been here will get beautiful! Publix grocery store…are you serious???????????. In Louisiana, West Louisiana, West Louisiana, the people are nice to other locals and visitors.! Son moved here to work and inept drivers my bad spelling and grammar Jesus Christ will. Not in the Navy stationed in California-did n't like it all wrong takes a time... The middle of the list the roads and he had to go NYC... Supportive communities where morals and values are upheld and encouraged so mean 9 years and your statement is spot.. Wallethub gives Washington state points for its “ Aloha Spirit ” here from Florida and we smile while ’! The growing diversity in Virginia is adding even more now when i visited Tennessee i! Only reason Montana is this low is because of employment Somali Refugees in St bar in Baltimore spit... Rude people blemish on her record was illegal to drive flaw in the lively music and! California and trust me, some states are way more friendly than Florida wicked is. But people will hold the door open for you than their children learning hear anyone say “ excuse me knows!

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