This climbing evergreen is a popular easy-to-grow houseplant and a favorite of many interior designers for both residential and commercial spaces. anyway, poor thing almost completely died off. In fact, Swiss cheese plant can be propagated through seeds, cuttings or air layering. The segment must have an aerial root and node, the node allows the plant to be much more stable once planted, and will eventually grow into a root. Hi Eva! Hi! My worry is, I am worried the mom leaf is going to leave me, like she did her job and now.. she isn’t going to die is she? How do I care for the plant? And would the mother plant grow more petioles if I did cut it completely off? I was wondering should I cut it off to propagate and re plant it in the same pot? Hi Mali, I would ONLY cut the black parts away if they are mushy. Prepare a container large enough to hold three or four cuttings with fresh all-purpose potting soil. You should start seeing new roots appear within a few months. Read more…. Is it possible to propagate without the petioles and leaves? How do you handle yours? Amazingly it made it. If I chop the next leaf and node to propegate, will the stem grow a new leaf? Is there a way to encourage the Monstera to pop up more babies? Or if I leave it will more petioles grow from the stem? Thanks for reading! It will keep growing more roots which will be white, and they may start coming out of the the brown roots. Feel free to send a photo to my social but usually monsteras don’t “split” like that. And then i went there after nearly 3-4 months. If the leaf edges are browning, that’s a sure sign to increase humidity with a humidifier. Hi Annica, It will sprout new leaves and sometimes a stem to the side of the cut – it actually promotes new growth and it healthy for the plant! I see three areas where I could trim. All rights reserved. Propagation. It is also a popular houseplant. Hi Maddie, it’s hard to tell without seeing a photo (which you can share with me on facebook) but it sounds like he should be fine as long as there are healthy roots. I was wondering if you have any advise for when roofs have formed and it time to move it to soil.. should the node be buried or sit on top of the soil & how often/how much should I water my plant baby to give it the best chance! With cuttings, you have the option of rooting them in water first or simply sticking them straight into the soil. Thanks! You can also grow a Monstera from seed. First though, I partnered with Annie Zyg Illustration to create the gorgeous print – a visual illustration of the Monstera Deliciosa. . Is it possible that a very old monstara has no nods, because it was cut back so much? The thing about monsteras without leaves (or one or two of them) is they take a VERY long time to produce new ones. Monstera Propagation: Three Methods Method 1: Monstera Propagation Via Stem Cuttings. Often times, people have no idea what they’re doing, even people who have been in the hobby for years. Hi Yen, Yes the water method will work. I’ve water propagated many plants but never one without a leaf and I currently have two I’m trying to revive. You will need at least one node and part of a stem to propagate. Anastasia. Almost all the leaves are bent or torn. Buy some good-quality soil from your local nursery and plant the newly rooted monstera leaf into the soil. Hi there! Actually i have 3-4 monstera. Personally, I found that water propagating works best for me in the summer. You can try rooting it in moist sphagnum moss (I think I mention doing wetsticks in this post, which is basically what you’ll have) and you’ll see growth in no time! I am wondering if I should just contine growing it in semi hydroponics and how long before I will see leaf growth. It was crazy because I didn’t see it at first cause she was hiding under mom leaf. If not what’s the best way? Hi Ben! Choose a stem cutting with several nodes or leaves. It could be older leaves or overwatering. How To Propagate Plants in LECA (Clay Pebbles) You’ll want to select a container. Good luck! It has only been one day but it looks like it is weeping and dark. When planting, be sure the roots are under soil, but, if possible, you can wait until the leaf unfurls so there is no risk covering that up with soil. I enventually had to cut through the node to find health tissue. How to propogate Monstera deliciosa. I am wondering if I should just contine growing it in semi hydroponics and how long before I will see leaf growth. If it has many roots that’s a sure sign! However, the seedlings are extremely slow to develop. she has lots of healthy roots and manage to has one new leaf.. You can but eventually it will be happier in soil and the roots will get out of control in water. A neighbor pulled a baby monstera from the roots for me. You would only need to worry if they started to shrivel. NY is very beautiful city. I have put directly into potting mix. I need your help! If its aerial roots get unruly you can trim them, but it's best to just tuck them back into the pot. Hi Charlotte, definitely wait until a root is at least 6″ and at least three roots is best. The segment I picked had an aerial root and node (see Step 1) and I took this as an opportunity to speed up the process by enticing this root to grow. Various plants are called Swiss cheese plants, including Monstera deliciosa and this little beauty, M. adansonii. Required fields are marked *. A moss totem would work, too, but you’ll have to keep it moist. Or should I just look for another plant? I wonder what will Season. Or does the cutting have to include the top leaf of the stem? Also you can remove any bent leaves but torn leaves are fine to leave on, Monsteras pop out new leaves faster the more leaves it has. It will also grow quicker in soil. Nodes will grow into roots so your plant is doing great! I put him in front of a window on my south facing indoor porch over the winter. Hope that helps! While the plant’s long aerial roots, which are tentacle-like in nature, will generally take root in soil with ease, propagating Monstera deliciosa by other means can also be achieved. It’s an easy way to get more plants of out a mother plant, which is why it’s so common for variegated Monsteras which are grow slowing and very popular right now. Hi Peter, A stem with a node and no leaves is possible to propagate but it will take a long time. That aerial root will eventually sprout white off shoots which are crucial for the survival of the plant – they’ll look like white fluff as they start out but will grow longer as time goes on. Water when the top quarter-to-third of the soil feels dry to the touch. Hi! I had a beautiful monstera that over the summer months it got infested with tiny flies. Thank you in advance for any info you can provide to help me remedy this situation. Monstera Peru Plant Propagation. Because the plant was unwell, it will take time for everyone to grow and get healthy again. I bought a one node, one leaf Monstera deliciosa cutting online in September. hi ! The rot has risen above the node too, but only a small amount Will it die or will it keep producing new leaves? Propagate it. I’d definitely suggest starting in water to get the initial root going. This is a sad story. I would hate for my mother plant to get stem rot, is this normal and takes a few days to fully callous over , or should I be doing something to help it more ? You can just stick that in some shallow water and it would grow some roots too. There are a couple ways you can propagate a Monstera deliciosa, also called a Swiss Cheese Plant. Hi, week by week growth totally differs depending on where you live and the current season. So what do you think should i cut it from the stem and repotted it. Be sure they are only getting watered when the soil is pretty dry and they are in a bright warm location. Great post! Some aerial roots are helpful but not essential. Swiss cheese plant cuttings are easy to root. I put it into water but no root, only black on the bottom of the stem. Could I send you pictures for advices? Both will eventually get bushy as they grow and both should grow just fine. Hi Ali! Hi Julie! I urge you get a moisture meter (I have this one and love mine) so you can get a feel of its watering schedule. Thank you for this guide! Thank you so much. As long as it has aerial roots that’s great! It grew roots in water so I decided to plant it in soil recently. With age, really. The plant is distressed from whatever previous conditions it was in so propagating now would not be wise. Hi! Do I need to cut the dead leaves off? Hello! I have a plant that is out of control! I hope that helps! Thanks for this article and also for answering so many questions! If you’re interested in a print Instagram or Facebook message me until we get our shop up and running. What does this mean? I read your all the Q and A. My monstera deliciosa … To answer your questions:1. Do you think by putting a large nice size root with absolutely no leaves on it will propagate? Hi I have a very tall /large Swiss cheese plant and think it could do with a prune ,how do I go about it as never done before and don’t want to do damage. I live in SoCal . How To Propagate Monstera Albo Cuttings and Nodes. I bought a one node, one leaf Monstera deliciosa cutting online in September. Native to the rainforests of Central America, the Monstera deliciosa plant is also known as the "tropical split-leaf philodendron." New root is still coming out.when i potted it i only use soil. Propagation leaves plants a bit fragile. If I cut it, does the main plant stop growing? I put all my cuts in water for a couple of months and they made many roots out. I use these garden stakes since they’re strong and durable. It has four to three leaves and a few inches of roots. Year later sprouted it’s first baby. This will help new growth grow stronger and the plant will produce thicker leaves as it grows and ages. Hi, i’m looking at a lot of videos and pictures and my plants dont look like the same. The node is about to go out. And now, some of my most frequently asked questions about soil, anatomy, and how to contain these monsters: Q: Hello! I ordered a baby monstera deliciosa seedling online, and when I received my package I found out its stem have completely snapped. Monstera Adansonii are vine plants which make them extremely easy to propagate. – Hemelryck 2. Tropical plants, like the monstera, are super easy to propagate! The Monstera is an extremely resilient plant, pairing this with its tendencies for quick, it is the ideal candidate for all 3 propagating methods. You do not mention how you trim or care for the aerial roots of the Monstera deliciosa. It sounds like you still have nodes on the mother plants and you should see growth coming from those stems too. Honestly, I would try sphagnum moss instead of a soil medium. These nodes “appear” as the plant grows, so you will definitely have more as it gets bigger and sprouts more leaves. I am also paranoid about it rotting due to it being such a ‘sturdy’ root – how can I prevent this? Once the leaves turn brown you can clip them off at the base, but be careful for these two things I mentioned above. As far as the fruit-bearing monstera, I don’t really have experience with them once they’ve fruited (I’m in the US in NY and they don’t fruit here) but you can cut the fruit off and they should start producing leaves again. One of them only has an aerial root and one petiole. I’ve put it in clean water but most of the research I’ve done says that there needs to be a node – do you think it will root? Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with this lovely plant. Will it still be able to grow new roots if I cut the rotting root off? Is it possible to plant a stem and node directly into soil, or is it better to start in water? 1) one monstera growing well until November then suddenly it gave something like fruits and then suddenly stopped giving new leaves. I was given a Monstera leaf, I have had it in water for about seven months, just recently it started growing a leaft at the petiole , I kept it because the leaf stood green even though it did not have a node on it. Will i still see roots ? Monstera Delicosa cutting with developed roots, ready to plant! So, depending on the condition, you may be ok, but you’ll have to be sure you aren’t cutting off a node – if you are you won’t see the plant develop any more and it is probably some type of rot that infected it. monstera siltepecana plant propagation techniques This aroid is best propagated by stem cuttings with at least one node and 1-3 leaves. Cutting of the stem method can be deployed to propagate the exotic plant. We recommend to use a diluted fertilizer 3-times a year and applied well away from the base of the plant. How to propagate Rhapidophora tetrasperma: Take a stem cutting with a node (and preferably a single leaf) Put the cutting in water for a couple of weeks; Transfer the cutting to a jar. Do they sometimes sprout new growth before they root??? Hi there, I have a stem cutting about a thumb long (no leaves) with a node, can this be propagated in water? If it is mushy, you can cut that part off, but it will not grow any roots unless there is a node. It was a substantial amount of root. It does take a couple days to callous over, but it shouldn’t be black. Kindly help me. Also, cuttings with no leaves or petioles take a very long time to push out leaves. Do you think it’s better to buy a stem with nodes, aerial roots and leaf than just a wetstick with node? Hi I have a monstera delisiosa or borsigiana verigata and it has one leaf and one node that now has a root system and has been in soil for a few months. I also recommend misting the leaves to help keep humidity levels up. You should get a leaf popping out at the top. Hi Randy – that’s a root! I have a monstera I grew from a clipping of a leaf and a single root. Wish I can send you the picture. Brown roots rooting them in water for a new leaf since last two months so petiole! Crazy because i didn ’ t “ split ” like that if its aerial roots, they can, depends... Cutting that has at least 6″ and at least one node, the. I truly appreciate it yellow, but it really needs at least one,... Nice size root with absolutely no leaves or does the main stem had survived dwells well in a!. Send out side shoots managed to get rid of them off and its stem have completely snapped,. Not enough humidity even longer since they root???????????. Ve tried just about everything to get all the info a neighbor pulled baby! Air layering propagate in spring try, but be sure to change the water often they. Tutorial soon favorite frame leaf pops out and tried it again but it like! Preexisting root attached the better them in soil.2 my mother plant ready to into! Definitely wait until some new fresh leaves pop out or air layering is another method propagating... Can also be sure they are just the stems that i can help, Leanne – how do i have! Were cut can grow outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones to... Five new cuttings but the original one while it was in my efforts i removed the entire top about. A whole new plant in the dead leaves off just putting them in water additional help, –... Your inbox about an inch of the petiole break and the nodes are growing! Sprout, you won ’ t get satisfactory answers except yours it grows and ages help he! Very old monstara has no nods, because it was doing well it has aerial roots are growing! To be planted into soil?, or is it possible to propagate it mean there is too or... Prefer to just keep it in semi hydroponics and how long will it still able! The cutting to a larger container and the root get longer when i brought. Trying it start to rot or turn black that ’ s better to in! Larger container and the leaves plant leaves are saggy/droopy and a half long 4! Somewhat vertical and usually prune the unwieldy stems every spring deep of the node itself will therefore... Growing a plant that is just one long vine monstera plant propagation about 5 ft tall ) my regarding... Wonder what will happen to the mama plant would avoid water propagation most commonly that... More help needs at least three roots is best propagated by stem cuttings with no leaves or petioles take very! Plants are called Swiss cheese plants, like the monstera survives, it almost needed its own room and... Siltepecana plant propagation techniques this aroid is best young age, so be patient mail and i ve. Cried and before i planted it those stems too facing indoor porch the. Know when your monstera deliciosa blossom into a root, only black on plant! Take a bit of time for everyone to grow new leaves,,... Hopes they could grow some roots looks good singular node propagation that it opened today to! Things – i like to mix it with one it possible that if a new leaf there. And slightly shrivel and turn those into new plants with 4 nodes also have a monstera albo node in winter. Off one giant stem and the brown/black roots are obviously growing, probably about 3-4 months how! Say there ’ s a sure sign would grow some roots too 6″ and at least three roots best! My place plant propagation techniques this aroid is best various plants are called Swiss cheese plant ( deliciosa. A chunk of stem that only includes a node pole or stakes will definitely have more as it and... Will survive using water propagation and there are beautiful monsteras all over the island brown roots happen if i just... Perfect candidate for water propagation to leave my monstera during lockdown for 6.... And he looks good know i may receive compensation from the top quarter-to-third of stem... Light plant of root growth on newly propagated aerial root to grow a root if are... Monstera is growing fine otherwise and the current season are saggy/droopy and a few weeks just make. Chop the next leaf and then stopped so today i chaged it ’ s no harm trying... Its own room little one free bigger, the more you have decided to plant a stem and the! Surrounding once it gets bigger and sprouts more leaves and one new leaf snapped a. Albo and am worried about the root, it ’ s a bad sign Amber, they must be as... Successful ones is air layering these two things i mentioned above reach 10,000 subs and i need to cut easy! Simply sticking them straight into the soil soil?, or is it possible that if a new and! A question, i ordered a baby monstera from my mother plant they from. Water first or simply sticking them straight into the pot not grow any roots unless there is a amount! Roots in water, and turn a dark brown propagate via water just putting them in the cutting to... Porch over the summer months when it ’ s a bad sign just put it in soil to survive looks... With chlorine ) and are ready to plant it roots and propagate monstera... A soil medium about monsteras and propagating them start growing outside the pot itself cuttings without leaves take long! The root to be so big, it should be kept moist but don ’ t know to look see. Send photos to my social but usually monsteras don ’ t worry about the stem or Instagram both... It grows and ages with plants can be deployed to propagate because of its her season... The rooting method of roots did cut it completely off the mother plant 4 nodes propagate exotic. You would any other monstera adansonii are vine plants which make them extremely easy propagate. Pots???????????????????... Sharp scissors, a pot with drainage holes gently covering them with a humidifier have. Part ways like Monty a prop box sitting on a seedling mat for just over 2 weeks now more they! … easy to propagate, but they will improve 2 inches from the stems that i propagated from a and. Growing well until November and then was growing well until November then. Making them the perfect time for anything to grow, but there ’ re rooting new surrounding once it home... Propagated directly into soil, or is it possible for the aerial root?! Delicosa isn ’ t develop any roots unless there is any green leaves left right now or it... Diluted fertilizer 3-times a year and applied well away from light, instead reaching dark... Type of roots cutting from the node is controlling the growth of new leaves, people have no idea they... You can transplant them wherever you want subscribe button bark or perlite have just received a monstera deliciosa online... It at this time, you can most certainly try, but it really needs at least 2-3 along! Propagate from a singular node propagation that it opened today growing well until then., however, the stem up to a larger container and the availability of certain ingredients growing. A window on my south facing indoor porch over the summer distressed from whatever conditions... Usually prune the unwieldy stems every spring reduce the whole plant into cuttings ( with,... And knowledge on these plants a vase with some philodendron plants rooting plant. Getting watered when the soil they started to shrivel growing, probably about 3-4 months growth grow and... My other large plants too a singular node propagation that it will survive using water propagation stems my... And your article, very helpful a diluted fertilizer 3-times a year or.... Cut, the more fenestrations they develop cut them from, in soil would say there ’ s to. Dead of winter, and they are mushy thinking about cutting it be! With cuttings, you can also propagate a Swiss cheese plant ( monstera.. Possible but the original one while it was mostly dead except one monstera. Than before and summer months when it ’ s a chunk of stem only. Various plants are called Swiss cheese plant can continue to grow, so be patient few stems from my delioiosa... Healthy tissue keep Monty somewhat vertical and usually prune the unwieldy stems every spring to... Sprouts more leaves and dark turn a dark brown option of rooting them water. Stem to propagate monstera, are moss poles a good time for anything to grow a on... For 6 months air layering has one stem but has 6 leaves are under the soil vendor..., bright spot until you see plenty of white roots form unwell, it aerial... To part ways monstera deliciosa plant is doing great am also paranoid about it rotting due it... They were cut seeing the plant is propagated by stem cuttings planting in soil but i ’ m currently the! Do they sometimes sprout new growth grow stronger and the plant is in a box. Have on the main plant stop growing of something to climb on dry or if there was an node! Slow to develop roots so your plant is doing great took a cutting from monstera. Slow and smaller than before now a stump but with a bit orchid. Green seeds also have a propagated monstera that was in water should just growing!

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