Sets feature shrink sleeved ends and cylinder identification numbers. I run 1&3 and 2&4 just like mentioned earlier by Al, under the motor mount. I run my wires down under behind the headers then up by the distributer. .040 over 302 with m22 autogear wide ratio. But my headers will not allow wires under the headers and a 90 boot is too short to use from above. These auto part websites have a lot of stuff but no pictures. These spark plug wires are highlighted by dual crimp terminals and as their name suggests, these terminals feature two crimps: one for the sleeve of the wire and another to grasp the conductor. My criteria for choosing plug wires has always been "work well and are the correct length". They had to be good enough to last a decent length of time, not interfere with the radio or ignition system and get the spark to the spark plug. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Compare These Parts Talk to the Experts. Actually I try to hide everything I possibly can. Again. Lately, we've been seeing quite a few "new" builds using "old"-style spark plug wires. They fit over my Taylor 90 degree wires perfectly. A-Team Performance Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set High Performance Compatible with SBC Small Block Chevy Chevrolet GMC Under The Exhaust Wires … 69 Camaro Z/28 Rally Sport 10A of 68. Looks clean, no looms, no burnt wires, no wires in the way for valve adjustments either. With a 350 small block 5.7 liter V8 Chevy engine. This bracket holds them in place where they then bend around the headers to plug into the spark plugs. Selected accessories will also be added to cart. I think that means over header wires but I'm not sure. Track Order. i sent several emails back & forth to MSD, was gonna run a full MSD setup, pro billet dizzy. Way fewer tools than my last headers. Arriving at home I find my spark plug wires melted. I routed mine down behind the block and under my headers. Thanks for the help / advice. I am not sure if the B Body LT1 motors use them. Spark plug wire routing; Visit our community sponsor. Its just the nature of the beast. Alternate Description. Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 4woody, Sep 11, 2012. The MSD wires have the perfect combo of boots for headers. Products to Compare (max of 3) X. They come off the HEI and clamp in a bracket that bolts to the valve covers. I made a bracket that bolts to the back of the block and holds a wire loom to keep them off the block. Call 800.979.0122, 7am … Products to Compare (max of 3) X. If one piece of the ignition puzzle is fizzing out or needs replacement, then the whole system suffers and you'll notice it when you're driving. Be the first to write a review We employed a set of Sanderson headers and a set of spark plug wires that had 90-degree boots at the spark plug. I've burned the boots on two Accel plug wires with 90 degree angled boots. Moroso Spark Plug Wires, Under Headers, HEI Cap, Ready-To-Install made by Moroso, for as low as $39.99. But sure to say, that keeping up on your ignition parts like your coils, spark plug wires, cap, rotor and spark plugs is always important, but especially on the older 350. Such is the case with a '63 Nova into which we recently installed a V-8 under the hood. Find Moroso 72195 Moroso High-Temp Under Header Wire Looms and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The MSD Race Tailored 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire Sets equipped with high temp silicone-fiberglass sleeving and designed specifically to fit race engines with under exhaust wires with HEI ends. I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon shortening the wires up next to the distributor cap. Back in the day as a broke azzed kid I ran my wires like this. Like described above two taller ones and then small ones that attache on the valve cover bolts. The #3 and #5 primariies on the driver's side are very close to the spark plugs. Using the shorter plugs gave me the room I needed to get them tight and I think they are far enough away from the pipes. Race headers seem to get in the way of over the top wire routing but sit further from the engine which makes underside routing better. SPARK PLUG WIRE SET SBC (UNDER HEADER) Product ID: MSD31249 MFG: MSD IGNITION. Compare These Parts Talk to the Experts. Sleeved Spark Plug Wires for SBC under exhaust, HEI. Compare These Parts Talk to the Experts. Spark Plug Boots/Wires to Headers: How Close? Well I don't think I'll go under the headers the next time. I used the aluminum 90 degree spark plug boots from a 95 LT1 Camaro or Firebird (F Body) and they work great and look great after a wire wheel polish. The picture doesn't show the wires very good which is a good thing. $90.64. BTW Porcellin plug boots have been around about forever so no one will be able to tell you that they are not trad. A-Team Performance Silicone Spark Plug Wires Set High Performance Compatible with SBC Small Block Chevy Chevrolet GMC Under The Exhaust Wires … Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. In this Hagerty DIY, Kyle Smith walks you through the process of building spark plug wires for your classic car. Track Order. How wires and brackets attached etc.. Products to Compare (max of 3) X. I went ahead and left them under the headers. FWIW, I have center bolt valve covers on my Etecs (Vortecs) and routed under my headers. Moroso Spark Plug Wires, Under Headers, Socket Cap, Ready-To-Install made by Moroso, for as low as $39.99. Moroso high-temp under header wire looms are designed to withstand high temperatures associated with headers and route the wires below the heat. I recently installed a set of Dynomax headers on my '83 - 350. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. When I was Googling for this info, there wasn't much out there in Google images. headers and plug wires have always been a problem. Baldwin Racing Engines Small Block Chevrolet Spark Plug Wires. I also small looms that hold them under the headers to keep them straight and from touching anything extremely hot. comments? Order ships free when this item is included and exceeds $99. This is probably why I figured out how to route them the right way. Block hugger headers are a kind of a bitch to deal with. There are no plastic parts, they are all metal and the wire holder parts are dipped/coated in a rubber plastic. I have the Sanderson Block headers. I need someone to explain what kind of plug wires I have on my sbc. This is my 1976 Chevy Cheyenne super. Re: plug wires and routing for sbc with votec heads? Driver side is a dream. If you have a good set of wires a lil header contact won't hurt them but I try to keep it off the headers if possible. thanks. Just use some black wires and route them neatly, keep it simple. Our catalog. Allstar Spark Plug Race Wire Set Under Header w/ Sleeve ALL81370. Quantity: Details; Spark Plug Wire Set - Super Conductor - Spiral Core - 8.5 mm - Red - 90 Degree Plug Boots - HEI Style - Small Block Chevy - Kit shorter than 31359. but they DO NOT make a 115/135 degree boot on their plug wires. In fact I use the moroso big block loom kit that runs them along the valve cover rail and then they drop down at each plug. 8MM Wire Wound Suppression Core; HEI Distributor; Competition Sleeving; Under Header; Coil Wire Not Included – Please call if coil wire is needed 573-788-2329; Available in various colors, light blue, red, green, orange, red, purple (is not shown in picture) and black . Taylor 76240 8mm Spark Plug Wires-Solid Core-Under Headers-90 made by Taylor, for as low as $64.99. 50 S with 723 int. Custom length SBC wire sets feature 8mm spiral core race wire with pre-terminated ends and universal coil wire. Something I don't want on my motor, I want ease of working on it. If you really want a clean look, I think you'll want to cut/build your own. The wires need to be long and believe it or not the kit I got was for a 75 SBC Corvette if I remember right. PART# 35591. The Accell header plugs and porcellin boots are both about your only options. How to make room for your spark plugs if they hit the primary tubes of your headers. especially on angle plug heads with second generation camaros. JBA Headers W0861 - JBA Headers PowerCables Spark Plug Wire Sets Spark Plug Wires, Powercables, Assembled, 8mm, Spiral Core, Red, Chevy, GMC, 8.1L, Set Part Number: JBA-W0861 It turned out to be a tedious task and makes dealing with the plug wires a little more aggravating. I have all the plug wire holders off a SBC that I pulled from a Camaro in a junk yard back in the day thinking someday I could use them. Most wires will be longer than you need. When re-assembling the engine, I wanted to double check the heat shield positioning and spark plug wire routing. While working on my 57,000 actual mile 1969 BELAIR, I took a bunch of photos before the tear-down. Those are the only ones that will come close to fitting. Since hot air rises, the wires stay cooler and give the engine a cleaner look. I can do all 8 plugs with a flex head ratchet, a plug socket, ratcheting box wrench, and a short extension. im gonna be putting wires on and wondered what kit you guys are using to route the spark plug wires under the headers? straight plug wires hit the headers, 90 degrees won't fit, the fronts are too long, and the rears were so short, they had to be turned straight up, so that the boot layed on the header flange, and melted. Changing plugs on the passenger side is a little bit of a pain but not horrible. ... You have just proved that you NEVER get off of your damn computer long enough to go look under some hoods at the track and see what REAL racers that don't give two shits about warranties are running! The headers are TTI 2" and are awesome. I use the 135 boots on mine over the headers. It would seem the plastic wire looms have softened over time and the little spreaders the wires click into actually widened enough to allow not one but TWO of my wires to come loose and touch the headers and melt.

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